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The High Fiber Diet Podcast

Show Notes are located at and on the Ravelry Group thread. 

Thank you for listening!

Mar 15, 2013

Show notes are located at

Thank you for listening!!

Field Report:

He’s home!

Thank you to everyone for this year of support!

The ceremony

The reunion


Homecoming party


Hair cut/nails

Stress = Sick!

Good enough is good enough!

Shearing day

Weigh in:

Rams & Yowes

Sockhead hat

Portion control:

Cones from Shady Side Farm

Highland Handmades- Worth Waiting for & A talk with my man.

Fiber Exercise:

Spinning my dyed SWM

Taste Testing:

Wexford Knits podcast is doing a

 “Covered in sheep” afghan

Cooking School:

On recess

A La Carte:

Sew Red

In the Kitchen:

Paleo or whole food diet research

Mommybear’s Smoothie

2 Handfuls of fresh baby spinach

1/2 an orange

1 apple cored (leave peel on)

1 banana

5 strawberries (you could probably use like 10 raspberries instead)

1 cup of low-fat plain yogurt


You can use ice, I don't because of the amount it is I would rather drink it the way it comes out so that I can drink it fast because it’s a lot.

Pot Luck:

All the shades of truth


Granny’s baby throw

Ripple crochet blanket

On the Menu:


Guts Grit and Pink Lipstick

Knittin’ in the Mitten

Gadget Corner: Stanwood Needlecraft Ball winder