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Episode 220-

Happy Easter

Weigh in:


Sheep ornament


Currently working on:

Sarge's steel topper. Cascade220. - not touched

Brown ragg socks

Fruit stripe socks

Purl the rainbow socks

Sock yarn granny

USA blanket-not touched

Lupo the lamb- wolf in sheep's clothing

Grocery shopping:

Bomb pop- uniquely yours!

Alpaca socks- wonder why farms

Berry blast- north cabin fiber crafts

Fat quarters

Zippers- notions

Firefly and Serenity

Exercise: SPINNING!

FiberNymph- bobbin finished- resting

Pink merino- 4 oz of 8 oz spun

Double drive vs single drive

At the table- fabric crafts


16 bags given away

Learning zippers

Crafty class

Grill Sgt


Craft yarn council - Stitch away Stress April - lemon patterns and link to video

Pot luck:

Check the Ravelry group projects

Side dish:

Off the cane!

Craft day



Dyeing hair-Dyeing fiber: the experiment!

Started David Eddings  Belgarid series again. Belgarath and Polgara now on Pawn of prophecy.

Latest Chronicles of Nick book.

On the forum:

Rainbow running mitts give away. - designer Heather Kinne- drawing

Hip to be Square- drawing

Mittens and dishcloths- on going

On the menu

Knittin' in the Mitten  2015

Contact me if you are attending and would like a spot to vend.

Gadget corner-


YouTube tutorials 

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Thank you for listening!

Weigh in:


Owligan by Kate Davies in Woolease thick n quick in snapdragon

Socks- hand dyed self-striping. Short row heel

Socks- csm , live long and prosper and oink pigment

Frogged: 10 stitch blanket- retreat samples and leftover skeins

Currently working on:

Sarge's steel topper. Cascade220.

Brown ragg socks

Sock yarn granny

USA blanket- finished- Virginia, liberty bell, star, California.

Grocery shopping:

 Buttons- Blumenthal Lansing

TeeSpring tee

Lemonade Shop

Ply magazine

Fat quarters

Exercise: SPINNING!


At the table- fabric crafts

Kitchen rug on rug loom

Sewing bag to hold my sewing gadgets


Wooly Trot 5k

Pot luck:

Check the Ravelry group projects

Side dish:

Time change

Outlander- thanks to Amazon!

The Scot and the Sassanach - seminar on book 

Going back to school app

Pinterest sucked me in!

Shabby chic bedroom makeover

Grey, terra cotta, white


Duvet covers & Curtains out of sheets

Bench for foot of bed- thrift store search

On the forum:

Rainbow running mitts give away. - designer Heather Kinne

Miranda KAL- off sticky but ongoing

Hip to be Square

Mittens and dishcloths

On the menu

Knit/spin day - March 28th

Knittin' in the Mitten  2015

Contact me if you are attending and would like a spot to vend.

Gadget corner-


Crochet hooks from Sparkling Pumpkin on Etsy

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As always, Thank you for listening!

Episode 218:

Weigh in:


Cozy cuffed mitts in handspun


NYCO- miranda kal- Yarn Hollow Aran

Currently working on:

10 stitch blanket- retreat samples and leftover skeins

Sarge's steel topper. Cascade220.

Sheep heid- not the right yarn- need to practice my colorwork

Socks- hand dyed self striping. Short row heel, needles...

Grocery shopping:

 Woolease thick n quick- snapdragon, Owligan-US 11, 13

Brother XL-2600i

Folding table

Style arc patterns

Sparkling pumpkin- snips, crochet hooks, locking stitch markers, digital row counter

Fishing books- circular needle organizer

Exercise: SPINNING!


At the table- fabric crafts

Kitchen rug on rug loom.


Dpn roll

Project bags

20 crafting related tees- blanket?

Learning I need:

Cutting mat at least 18x24"

Pattern weights


More practice!


Craftsy- sewing machine basics

Pot luck:

Check the Ravelry group projects

Side dish:

Cold! - cabin fever

simplify2015- totes and bags of clothes going to thrift store

New mattress set!

Pick up the mic or camera if you have something to say.

Podcast I couldnt remember: Ermine Matters- check it out!

On the forum:

Rainbow running mitts give away. Designer: Heather Kinne

Miranda KAL

Hip to be Square

Mittens and dishcloths

On the menu

Knit/spin day - March 28th

Knittin' in the Mitten  2015

Gadget corner-


The Yarn It! - review

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Episode 217

Weigh in:


Knit picks tweed socks


Saddle shoulder sweater in lion brand fisherman's wool

Red rock canyon socks


Currently working on:

NYCO- miranda kal- Yarn Hollow Aran

10 stitch blanket- retreat samples and leftover skeins

Sock- opal 6ply- knit and frogged- too big. Casting on with less stitches.

Sarge's steel topper. Finally measured for sleeves. Cascade220.

Cozy cuffed mitts in handspun

Kitchen rug on rug loom.

Future project: owligan- by Kate Davis - bulky wool. Spin or buy yarn?


Bond falls- new pattern being test knits. Recipe, any weight yarn.

Lady Pol- shawl out of Highland Handmades fingering wool

Exercise: SPINNING!

Cormo- wool gathering- hand dyed - cable plied 180 yds bouncy

Appetizers:yay electronics!

Cooperative press- specials

Knowledgeable Knitter's Kindle edition only $2.99

Craftsy- lace shawl design

Pot luck:

Check the Ravelry group projects

In the kitchen:

No bake cookies

Side dish

Month of love:

Our anniversary

Valentine's Day

Wacky jax-

Chronicles of Nick

Blood oranges and tangerines

Simplify 2015:

Accordion cup holders

Clean appliances work better

Washer and dryer, dishwasher, coffee maker, grinder, vacuum

Plastics cabinet

On the forum:

Knittin' in the Mitten  2015

roommate list is up

Planning for classes

Please get your questionnaire in by email

On the menu

Knit/spin day - March 28th

Yarn con- April 18-19 (maybe)

Fiber at the castle- July 24-26th

Stitches Midwest -August 6-9 (maybe)

Michigan fiber festival August 14-16

Gadget corner-


Yarn it!

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Thank you for listening!

Show notes are availible at


Episode 216: All About the Food

Weigh in:


Sugarloaf-vintage Dk held double. Teal, lt. Gray, Dk. Grey

Currently working on:

NYCO- miranda kal- Y

Yarn Hollow Aran- changes

10 stitch blanket- changes- retreat samples and leftover skeins

Exercise: SPINNING!

Spin the wall- 12 spinning projects for the year.

Cormo- wool gathering- hand dyed


Darn it! - When to Oh Darn. How to Darn.

Pot luck:

On the group

In the kitchen:

Brown gravy mix


5 minute egg noodles


Orange cupcakes


El Pato sauce fajitas

Sliced meat- brown in pan with little oil

Add cumin and garlic

Sliced tri colored bell pepper

Sliced onion

Add to fry pan

El Pato sauce

Reduce heat- cook 15 minutes

Serve on tortillas with sliced tomatoes, salsa, lettuce and Monterey Jack cheese.


Cranberry jam

2 lb bag cranberries

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup Apple juice

Boil until cranberries pop. Boil 5 more minutes. Set to cool. Makes 2 cups.


Potato soup

 6 or 7 quarters potatoes in my crock pot, add one cup of heavy whipping cream, 1/2 cup of sour cream, 1/3 cup of flour, some salt and pepper (just pinches), and one whole small yellow onion

Crockpot 4-5 hours on high

Use a potato masher. Leaving chunky

top with bacon, cheese, sour cream and chives


Side dish:

Flu bug

Organizing and filing

Monthly bill organizer

Kitchen drawers

The science of simplicity

On the forum:

Knittin' in the Mitten  2015 -deposit due by Feb. 1st

On the menu

Knit/spin day in March 28th

Gadget corner-

Use what you have!

Sharpening scissors- cut tin foil or sandpaper


Drying slouch hats over the bottom of vinegar jugs

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Episode 215 - 2015 year of the sheep

Show notes are located at

January is overwhelming!

Weigh in:


Felted clogs- Malabrigo in Paris Nights

Love Rug - perfect for a centerpiece on the table.

Currently working on:

NYCO- miranda kal- yarn Hollow Aran- changes

Sugarloaf-vintage Dk held double. Teal, lt. Gray, Dk. Grey

Finish or frog it!!



Rocky coast cardigan

Vodka lemonade

Untitled bag

More to come!


6 pairs of socks

Sarge's sweater

Knit Swirl

Rams and yowes- pillow maybe

Boot toppers


Red cedar


CJ Kopec Creations- Dr Jones BFL 280 yds 2 ply-Dk

Nunoco- 100g + 100g pink merino- 410 yds 2ply- WW

Turtle made Turkish - 2 rolags from

Spinning yarn out in your washer


VAT issues

Designing- recipe instead of standard pattern

Pot luck:

Dishcloths for Church Kitchen 2014

Jen is going Through the Woods

Belmont boot cuffs

Side dish:

Theme for the year- Simplify!

Cleaning, organizing, purging, reducing!

Book: the life- changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

Mini skeins/ samples- scrap blanket of some kind?

Kindle 1sts- Amazon Prime-books free!!


Marco Polo

The librarians

State of Affairs

Downton Abbey

On the forum:

Hip to be square drawing- wooliegirl!!

Hip2Bsquare- squared the kal continues!

Pif/RAK drawing-#17 largeprintknit

Knittin' in the Mitten  2015 - we are full- deposit due by Feb. 1st

On the menu

Knit/spin day in March?

Gadget corner-


Recipe book holder for propping my iPad. 


Thank you for Listening!!

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Thank you for listening!

Show notes are available at All information about projects talked about on the cast can be found on Coggietm's page on Ravelry.

Please join us on the group for our daily thread.


Episode 214: Hooker by Day

Weigh in:


Elven cloche- Skacel Devine

Offhand gloves- sheep Dreamery

Double kick boot cuffs- Woolease

Happypotamus- Caron one pound

Robot- Caron one pound

Spartan hat- Caron one pound and Wool of the Andes

Viking hat- Caron one pound

Currently working on:

Felted clogs- Malabrigo in Paris Nights

Grill sgt: expanding

Grocery Shopping:



Craftsy class: Knit to flatter


Fresh start for 2015,

Finish or frog? Need to find my needles!

Cleaning the craft room!

Side dish:

House heater issue/repair

Sold Roo


Agents of Shield, Heroes, youtube

Done with pt

BS numbers are good

On the Forum:

NYCO: Miranda


Pay it forward/RAK-

On the menu

New Years

St. Distaff day- January 6th

Knittin'in the Mitten 2015:

Gadget corner-


Misto $10

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Episode 213-holiday time of year!

Weigh in:

Nothing on the needles interested me...started fresh. all projects are on my ravelry page

Finished: 4 ornaments-

Snowball buddies and owl puff -knit pick swish

Burton bear cowl- Katia Irish tweed

PHD: Turn a tube sock 1- sock 2 started- Lorena's laces live long and prosper &!oink pigment

Counter clockwise from machine. W&T to get correct direction. Flk as an afterthought.

Rocky coast cardigan- yarn hollow Aran in browns

Neckline too wide- moved two repeats from back to shoulder area. Cast on same. Increase on front edge as well as at raglans. Lots of stitch markers to keep track of when to add pattern to stitches. Dropped to size 10 needles for a firmer fabric.

Offhand Gloves- Sheep Dreamery worsted love in bloom

Need to start: Boot toppers, hats

Rug loom- cutting fabric. Not too exact.

Warped with blue sheet. Red, white, & blue stripes

Grill Sargent:

why the military for a career?

Grocery Shopping:

Regia: from Simply Sock Yarn


Craftsy class: Drafting from Worsted to Woolen

Potluck: On the Forum Board

Pocket slippers

Bellatrix cloak



Holiday gift list:

For the crafter:

New wheel- The Woolery

New spindle- Viking Santa on Etsy

Drum carder-brotherdrumcarder on etsy

Blending board- fricke crystalcreekfibers on etsy

New Full set of needles! Chiao goo, hiya hiya, Knitter's pride, signature or dyak craft

Interchangeable niddy noddy.

Travel Kate

Hornshaw wood works swift

Blocking mats- foldable or interlocking

Knitter's pride knit blockers

Books: Knowledgeable knitter, knitting master class, finishing school

Indie shops: give a list you would like- yarns, gadgets, yarnie lifestyle stuff, bags, stitch markers!

For the non crafter:

Taurus curve- new cc firearm

Inova flash lights

Crank flashlight/Weather radio- arc frx3 hand turbine

tactile pen

Boot organizer

Key deicer


Sock stuffers:

Bar-maids lotion bars

Soak Heel

WolfeFarm soaps/cable needles

Wonderwhyalpaca- goat milk soaps

Tix Trinkets shawl clasps

Eco hand cream and lip balm


Side dish:


Lake effect- loveAfrica

New patterns to match by DenKnits

Lake Avenue- inyeni

On the Forum:

Card exchange sign ups

Hip 2 B Square

Random act of kindness/ pay it forward

Our life:


Garbage disposal repair

When a tree falls.


Moist and Delicious Zucchini bread

Author: Thasneen

Recipe type: Breakfast Cuisine: American

Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  40 mins Total time:  55 mins

Serves: 9 inch Bread



Zucchini, grated with skin on- 1½ cups

Brown sugar- 1 cup

Extra virgin olive oil or vegetable oil- cup

Vanilla extract- 1½ tsp

Eggs, large- 2

All purpose flour- 1½ cups

Baking powder- ½ tsp

Baking soda- ½ tsp

Ground cinnamon- 1 tsp

Ground dry ginger- ½ tsp (optional)

Salt- ¼ tsp


Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Wash the zucchini's well and grate it on the larger holes of a grater, you could keep the skin. One medium sized zucchini yielded 1½ cups of grated zucchini.

In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, ground cinnamon, ground ginger and salt.

In another bowl, combine the brown sugar, vanilla extract and oil.

Add eggs one at a time and beat it using an electric hand mixer.

Add the flour mix to the beaten egg/sugar, beat it until well incorporated.

Add the grated zucchini and combine well to the batter using a spatula.

Grease a 9 inch loaf pan with cooking spray.

Pour the prepared batter into the pan, fill only ¾th of the pan.

Place the pan on the middle rack in the oven.

Bake for 40 to 45 minutes or until a fork inserted into the middle of the bread comes out clean.

Remove the pan from the oven, transfer to a cooling rack and let cool down for a few minutes.

Using a sharp knife, slice it and serve with coffee or tea.


Pulled beef- from Debijazz.


Jar of banana pepper (mild)

Packet of brown gravy

I added:

Italian seasonings

1/2 white onion sliced

Mix juice from peppers with dry ingredients.

Put roast, peppers (added onions) in crock pour juice mixture over. Cook until fork tender. Pull apart meat and return to crock of sauce. Cook a bit longer. Serve with crusty bread and a good drink.


On the menu

Thanksgiving- Firefly marathon - Friday big dinner with family.

24 days of Advent

St. Nicholas day-December 6th


New Years

St. Distaff day- January 6th

Gadget corner-


Turtle Made 3D printed Turkish spindle

Direct download: Ep_213_Holiday_list.mp3
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Thank you to everyone who Attended, sponsored or vended at the retreat this year. 

Thank you to all of the podcast listeners as well. 

There are no formal show notes this week. 

Please check out My Mountain on Facebook to help KBDyer and her lys win the contest for hip new designs. 

We had fun at the retreat and talk all about it. 

Thank you for listening!


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Warning: This episodeis not for while you are at work, around children or driving. Yep, Sarge broke Coggie. You have been warned!

Thank you for listening!!

Show notes can be found at

Weigh in:

Finished: cozy cuffed mitts

Retreat knitting: socks


Retreat list

Side dish

  • Porcupine Balls
  • 1 lb ground beef-extra lean
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 cup instant rice
  • Mix together and form into meatballs
  • Start cooking in a sauce pan
  • 1 can tomato soup
  • 1/2 can water
  • 2 tbs Worcester sauce
  • Mix the liquids together- pour over the top of browned meatballs.
  • Turn flame to low, put a lid on the pan.
  •  Cook 20 minutes or until meatballs are cooked through.
  • We served with steamed veggies.

Threads for :

Sock architecture

A head for trouble

Kung fu knits

Aila Grace Shawl

Will start Tuesday 11/4

On the menu

Knittin' in the Mitten -

Getting ready!

Shopping Wednesday morning.

People are able to arrive after 3pm

Thank you to all our sponsors!!!!!


Blue Moon Fiber Arts 
Boho Chic Fiber Co 
Briar Rose Fiber 
Brittany needles 
Brown Sheep Yarn Company 
Daizie Knits 
Dancing Goats 
Fondant Fibre 
Girl Cave Bags 
Gourmet Stash 
Hippie Penguin Fibers 
Hornshaw woodworks 
Indie String 
Into the Whirled 
Jenny Field’s fiber 
Jimmy Beans Wool Co 
Kim Dyes Yarn 
Kirby Wirby Yarns 
Knitter’s Nightmare 
Knitting at Knoon 
Knitty Fingers 
Little skein in the big wool 
Nancy’s Knit Knacks 
North Cabin Fiber Crafts 
Oink pigment 
Olga Leja 
Patti’s Tote Bags 
Plover Bird bags 
Raindrop Knits 
Sara Kay Cow and Upcycled Bags 
Schacht Spindle 
School House Press 
Serene Fiber Art 
Simply Sock Yarn 
Slipped Stitch Studio 
Sparticus dyes 
Spun Right Round 
Stitched by JessaLu 
Studio in the Green 
Sundara Yarn 
Tix Trinkets 
Twisted willow farm 
Unicorn Fibre wash 
Uniquely Yours! 
Universal yarns 
Winding wool creek 
Wonder why alpaca 
Yarn Barn 

Yarn Hollow


Just more PT

Recorder- to help my lungs

Gadget corner



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